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Black Fused Alumina,Suitable For Many New Industries Such As Nuclear Power, Aviation, 3c Products, Stainless Steel, Special Ceramics, Advanced Wear Resistant Materials, Etc.

Short Description

Black fused alumina is a dark gray crystal obtained from the fusion of high iron bauxite or high alumina bauxite in electric arc furnace. Its main components are α- Al2O3 and hercynite. It features with moderate hardness, strong tenacity, good self-sharpening, low grinding heat and less prone to surface burning, making it an excellent alternative abrasion-proof material.

Processing method: melting

Key components


Chemical Composition %










    Top Quality






Color Black
Crystal structure Trigonal
Hardness(Mohs) 8.0-9.0
Melting point(℃) 2050
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 1850
Hardness(Vickers)(kg/ mm2 ) 2000-2200
True density(g/cm3 ) ≥3.50


Ordinary: Section sand: 0.4-1MM
Girt: F12-F400
Top-quality: Grit: F46-F240
Micropowder: F280-F1000
Special specification can be customized.

Involves Industry

Suitable for many new industries such as nuclear power, aviation, 3C products, stainless steel, special ceramics, advanced wear resistant materials, etc.

Product Features

1.High efficiency
Strong cutting force and good self-sharpening to improve the cutting efficiency.

2.Better price /performance ratio
Cost is much lower than other abrasives(aggregate) with equivalent performance.

3.High quality
Little heat generated in surface,hardly to burn the work pieces when processing . Moderate hardness and high smooth finish is achieved with little surface discoloration.

4.Green products
Waste comprehensive utilization, melting crystallization, no harmful gases generated in the production.


Resin Cutting Disc
Mixing 30%-50% black fused alumina into brown fused alumina can enhance the disc's sharpness and smooth finish, ease surface discoloration, reduce the cost of use, and increase price/performance ratio.

Polishing stainless steel tableware
Polishing stainless steel tableware with black fused alumina grit and micropowder can achieve uniform color and hardly to burn the surface.

Wear-resistant anti slippery surface
Using black fused alumina section sand as aggregates to pave wear-resistant anti skid road, bridge, parking floor not only meet the actual demands but also has higher price/performance ratio.

Black fused alumina grit is used as blasting media for surface decontamination,pipeline cleaning,hull-rust and Jean cloth sandblasting.

Abrasive belt and flap wheel
The mixture of black and brown fused alumina can be made into abrasive cloth and then be converted into abrasive belt and flap wheel for polish application.

Fiber wheel
Black fused alumina grit or micropowder is suitable in the manufacturing of fiber wheel for workpiece grinding and polishing.

Polishing wax
Black fused alumina micropowder can also be made into a variety of polishing waxes for fine polishing.